Remodeling Ideas For A Powder Room


Powder rooms can be inviting places for guests to freshen up, but if you haven't updated the decor in a while, it might be time for a change. A bathroom remodeling service can help you to transform this room into a stunning new space you can be proud to show off. Here are a few ideas to consider for this small bathroom in your home.

Corner Vanities

The vanity is an essential component of the powder room, but they can take up significant space in the room. Consider removing your existing vanity and installing a corner unit instead. This design saves space and frees up part of the wall for other items in the room. Your remodeling team will need to move the plumbing and water lines over for this project and patch the wall where the old vanity was. Consider installing a wall-mounted full-length cabinet to replace the existing vanity, and use this cabinet to stock the room with fresh towels, soaps, and other toiletries.

Wall Mirrors

There's little need for a medicine cabinet in a powder room meant for guests, particularly if you have a vanity with a cabinet for storing toiletries. Consider replacing your medicine cabinet with a mirror that extends from the top of the sink to the ceiling instead. Mirrors create the illusion of a larger room, and they also reflect light to make the room feel brighter. You can create a finished look for the mirror by having your contractor build a custom frame to border the mirror on all sides.

Floating Shelves

The small space means there's not a lot of room for displaying decor pieces. You can solve this problem by installing floating shelves on an empty wall in the room. Use the lower shelves to house bottles of lotion and decorative bars of soap, and use the higher shelves for candles and other display items. Consider varying the placement of the shelves on the wall to create a unique design, and look for shelves that coordinate with the wood finish on your vanity. You can also use glass shelves to create the illusion of items floating on the wall. For even more storage and display space, mirror this idea above the toilet with even more shelving.

Talk to your remodeling service about different ideas that save space while creating an inviting look in the room. With the right furnishings and accessories, you can create a stunning powder room for visitors in your home.  


12 July 2017

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