Three Ways To Turn Your Spare Room Into A Real Home Office


Many people like the idea of using a spare room in their home as an office. It's a great way to save money because it can be a tax write off, and it's also helpful for when you need to do work. It's much more mentally helpful to have a dedicated space that you can work in. This way you don't have to deal with distractions and can focus on your work. This is especially helpful if you live in a house with other people. So if a movie or ballgame is playing in the living room, you can simply move off to your spare room and use it to do work in. However, you do need to make it feel like a real home office. This means getting the following items.

Get A Comfortable Office Chair

You want a comfortable office chair that will allow you to sit and work as if you were at work. This means you should ditch the idea of using any sort of cheap folding chair or other temporary solution. These chairs will lend the room an air of impermanence, and you'll always feel that you are not really at work. The better idea is to get a real solid office chair, but also get one that is comfortable. This will allow you to work for as long as you need without feeling poorly. The best one to pick is one that has an ergonomic design and can also be adjusted to the height of your desk.

Don't Rely On A Standard Table

A lot of people use a table that is not really designed for office work. They might take an old side table, or even a folding table, or a table that is more designed for a bedroom. These are not going to give you the feeling of an office, and hence, you should avoid them. You should pick a table that is designed for an office. It should have the functions you want in such a desk (a roll out keyboard platform, drawers that accommodate hanging files, and anything else you can think of).

Install Commercial Grade Office Cabinets

Finally, you really should invest in some well made, commercial-grade office cabinets. The worst thing to have happen in your home office is for there to be a mess of papers all over the place. A nice set of office cabinets set off to one side of the room will go such a long way in making the room feel like an authentic office. It will allow you to organize material and keep the room looking neat and clean. You can get nice wooden cabinets if you are not in line with the classic metal cabinet aesthetic. These can be made from many woods and come in many shades and can match the design of the other wooden furniture in your home. That way, while it will be a real office, it will tie into the visual design of your home.


21 July 2017

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