How To Operate A Pneumatic Spray Gun


If you have access to a pneumatic spray gun, you can greatly increase the efficiency of your painting project. Commercial painters use spray guns because they can get paint onto the wall more quickly and they create a more even finish. Whether you rent or buy a gun, there are a few tips that will help you master painting with a spray gun. This article explains the best painting techniques and how to properly maintain the gun.

Spraying Like a Pro

Using a gun is easy. Once it is set up, it is more or less a matter of pulling the trigger. But, for the most even paint finish, you need to spray strategically. First of all, don't paint randomly. You will get better results if you paint in straight, even lines. Also, don't keep the trigger depressed continuously while spraying. That is, paint in straight lines, but release the trigger before you change directions. And, don't pull the trigger until you hand is moving. Basically, you don't want to be pointing the gun at one spot while you pull the trigger or else you will end up with a runny finish.

Maintaining the Gun

Proper spray gun maintenance is of the utmost importance. Most paint jobs will take several days, and you could have problems if you don't properly take apart the gun at the end of the day. If you don't do this, you gun can have flow issues and the spray tip can get clogged. This will ultimately make it impossible for your paint gun to produce a steady, even stream.

Whenever you are not going to be spraying for over an hour, you should take apart the gun. First, you need a 5 gallon bucket of water and a large piece of cardboard or throwaway wood. Switch the paint bucket that is feeding the gun with the bucket of water. Basically, lift the intake pump out of the paint and place it in the bucket of water. Now, spray the gun until only water is coming out. It might take up to a minute for all of the paint to clear the hose. Once the hose is flushed with just water, you can shut off the gun.

Finally, remove the spray tip from the gun. The tip will dry up and even a little bit of paint residue can cause problems with the stream. Clean the tip off with a wet rag and don't put it back into the gun until you start to paint the next day.


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27 July 2017

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