Just Watched A Friend's Dog? Use This Opportunity To Get Carpet Cleaning


While it may be an option to have pets in your home, you may have decided not to adopt any. But, over the past few months, you may have watched a friend's dog while they were away. It is easy to think that a dog will not make a huge difference when it comes to the scent and cleanliness of your home, but you may have been surprised with the outcome. Routine vacuuming is not going to be enough to erase the fact that there was a dog inside your house for a long time, which means you need to find a solution. Investing in carpet cleaning service is exactly what you need to resolve this predicament of yours.

Take Care of Accidents

A dog that is used to living in one home may feel a bit uncomfortable when going into another one. This can lead to nervous bathroom habits, which may have been what you experienced. A housetrained dog will usually ask to go outside to use the bathroom. But, this is not always true in unfamiliar territory, so you will appreciate that a carpet cleaner is more than capable of removing stains that may have developed

Eliminate Dog Odor

It is highly likely that your home has the odor of a dog, especially in the rooms where they spent the most time. While you can wash furniture to get rid of the scent, you cannot do this with carpeting. This is why you will need a carpet cleaner to provide odor removal service as a way to eliminate bad odors. After this service, your home should smell close to what it was like before you started watching your friend's dog.

Remove All Hair

Some dogs do not shed, but you cannot rely on this when you are just watching someone's dog. Fluffy dog breeds often need routine cleaning to prevent matting, so it is important to keep up with grooming. It is hard to catch all the hair that moves around when you are cutting it so mistakes can happen. Even if the dog's hair managed to get all the way down into the carpet fibers and vacuuming was ineffective, you will have a carpet cleaning company to rely on for eliminating almost all dog hair everywhere.

If you have been meaning to clean your carpets for a while, you may find that there is no better time than to get this service then right after spending a long time watching a dog.  


27 July 2017

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