Time To Choose A Roofing Material? 4 Ways A Metal Roof Will Add To The Safety And Security Of Your New Home


When it comes to building a new home, the roof can be one of the most difficult structures to decide on. Many people choose to reduce the costs of their roof so that they can pass those savings on to other areas of the home. Others choose to spend a bit more money on their roof to provide the protection that their home will need in the long-run. Since homes are amongst the biggest investment you'll make in your lifetime, leaning towards long-term protection is the best way to go when planning your new roof. If you want to purchase a roof that will provide the best protection for your home, you should talk to your roofing contractor about the long-term benefits of a metal roof. One particularly important benefit of a metal roof is its increased level of safety and security for your home, and family.

Prevents Ice and Snow Damage

Ice and snow can destroy your roof, especially if your home is subjected to freezing temperatures throughout those long winters. Heavy ice and snow pack, followed by intermittent thawing, can lead to ice dams, and other winter-related roof problems. Metal roofs are designed to withstand the damaging effects of ice and snow, making it the perfect roofing material for cold-weather climates.

Protects Against Hurricane-Force Winds

Just about any roofing material will withstand minor wind storms. However, they can't all withstand hurricane-force winds. Those are the winds that can begin at about 74 mph and peak at about 156 mph. If your new home is going to be subjected to hurricane-force winds, you need a roof that will withstand the pressure. You need a metal roof.

Seals Out the Torrential Rains

Torrential rains are another climate issue that you should take into consideration when choosing a roofing material for your new home. While asphalt shingles do well under normal conditions, they might not be able to withstand repeated exposure to torrential rains. Constant exposure to torrential rains can weaken the roofing cement that's used to secure asphalt shingles to the roof. Once the cement has been weakened, the bond is released, and the edges of the shingles can lift up from the roof itself. If that happens, you'll start noticing leaks in your roof. Metal roofing can withstand torrential rains, and maintain a water-tight seal over your home.

Holds Back Wild Fires

If your new home is a cabin in the woods, don't settle for anything less than a metal roof. Wood and asphalt shingles simply won't give your home the protection you need against wild fires, which are a real concern when you live in the woods. Metal roofing is fire resistant, which will afford your home better protection should a wild fire break out near you. During wild fires, homes can catch fire by embers that float through the air and land on the roofs. Because metal roofs are fire resistant, your home will be protected against flying embers.

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22 August 2017

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