Energy Efficient Renovations: How To Measure Openings For Window Improvements


Do you know where your home is losing the most energy? The windows are the main culprit and simple improvements like shutters, shades and other window treatments will help stop energy from going out the window. The type of window treatment you use will need to be measured correctly, and there are different ways to do this. Here are some different window treatments and how to measure them:

1. Measuring for Functional Shutters That Save Energy and Protect Your Home

There are many different types of window treatments, which include shutters. If you want the benefit of energy efficiency, as well as more security for your home, then shutters are an investment that will give you just that. There are exterior and interior shutters, which need to be measured to fit tightly inside the window opening. There should be no gaps around the shutters when installed. In addition, you will want to measure windows for square to make sure the shutters can be fitted correctly and adjust them if needed. With shutters, you have less margin for error than with other types of window treatments.

2. Interior Window Treatments That Mount Tightly Inside Window Openings

Interior window treatments vary, and include blinds, shades, curtains and certain types of wood shutters. Many of these except for curtains, must be measured tightly to fit inside the window casing. Thermal blinds especially need to fit tightly to be functional and serve their purpose of reducing energy loss. Most window treatments with brackets mounted inside the window seal need to be measured accurately. Check with manufacturers about space needed to allow for brackets and installation of these types of window treatments.

3. Curtains and Other Window Treatments That Cover an Area Larger Then the Window

For more margin of error and covering gaps on sides of windows where drafts often come in, window treatments can be mounted outside of the casing, on wood trim or drywall. There is also the option of having floor-to-ceiling length curtains, or just having them cover the edges of the window. Window valances are another solution to add to curtains, which are the pieces of curtain that go at the top of the window.

With window treatments, you have different options for styles, mounting and the area they cover. You will have more margin for error with window treatments than you do for actual replacement windows, but you still want to get it right the first time. Contact a home renovation contractor, such as from Ikonick Pipeworks, to help with energy improvements to your windows and other areas of your home. 


30 August 2017

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