3 Signs You Need To Refinish Your Deck


Your deck is subjected to a massive range of different weather conditions that, when coupled with the wear and tear of normal use throughout the spring and summer, can wear away at the finish on the wood. Wood that is no longer adequately protected by its stain, it can be subjected to physical damage due to moisture exposure.

Understanding some of the warning signs associated with a deck that is in need of refinishing can help you determine when you should get in touch with a contractor before your deck can become physically damaged.

1. Physical Appearance

Of course, the most obvious sign that your deck may need a fresh coat of stain is if you notice that the stain itself has faded or worn away. Extended UV exposure can cause your wooden planks to bleach in coloring, turning a gray or light-colored shade. Beyond the superficial concerns of a faded and uneven color on your deck, this faded appearance also points to a drier and more brittle deck that is more likely to experience physical damage or degradation.

2. Water Absorption

Another indication that your deck needs a new coat of stain is if you notice that water is being absorbed into the wood. While this may not be easy to spot while it is raining, you can try pouring water directly on your deck when it is already dry. If the current coat of stain is still in good condition, the water should bead and collect on top of the wood.

However, if the water quickly soaks into your decking, you should get ready to have your deck restained. Prolonged water absorption can cause cracking, warping, mold growth, and a whole host of other problems that are more complicated and expensive to fix when compared to applying a new coat of stain.

3. Splintering and Physical Damage

In severe cases, you may find that decking boards that have had their stain wear away long ago may begin to show minor forms of physical damage. Splintering is the first sign that moisture has had the chance to damage the surface of your deck, but it can thankfully be sanded down before you begin the refinishing process.

However, significant cracks and other forms of physical damage to your decking boards will require you to replace the entire damaged section with a new board, as refinishing will not be enough to protect the board from further damage. For more information, contact a company like Freeborne.


27 July 2018

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