Roof Replacement: Replace Part Or All?


Homeowners tend to shy away from necessary projects because of the expense. For example, a roof replacement is definitely costly when and if you have to replace the roof on your home. However, you could just replace part of the roof, and then you would only have about one-half of the expected costs of replacing the roof. The difficult parts are in determining whether or not your roof is a good candidate for a partial roof replacement or if it should just be replaced entirely. 

The Age of the Roof Overall

If you know that the roof is already way past its prime, repairing just the sections that are leaking or having issues is probably not a good idea. Most roofing and general contractors will encourage you to replace the entire roof, just because of the roof's age and because you will have to replace the whole thing within a few years anyway. If the roof is still reasonably young in terms of roofing, then you can get a contractor who is willing to replace just the sections of roof that are causing the most problems. 

The Overall Cost to Repair Sections vs. the Entire Roof

If the cost to repair two leaking sections of roof is about five grand versus replacing the whole roof for eight grand, what would you do? There are also houses so small that replacing one area of the roof because of leaks just is not worth the cost of a partial replacement/repair. For example, if your home is less than nine hundred square feet, and you have a simple single-gabled sloped roof, there is a pretty good chance that the leak repair would be in the neighborhood of three to five grand, while a total roof replacement would be about four to six grand. That is just an example, but you can see how replacing a small part on this tiny roof would not be worth it when the entire roof could be replaced for just a little more. 

The Size of the Actual Job

Finally, the size of the actual roofing repair may dictate whether you should do the whole roof or just part. If there are several holes, or a hole the size of a boulder in the roof, that is going to be a whole-roof sort of job. If the leak is caused by a hole the size of a golf ball and is located in only one area of the roof, that is usually just a partial roof replacement/repair.

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19 February 2019

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