Deck Mistakes: What Could Cause Trouble?


When you're eager to have a deck added to your house, you might only be thinking about how fantastic the finished structure will look. However, there are many decisions that have to be considered beforehand. Attention to various deck issues now will pay off by giving you the satisfaction of having a deck that not only looks great but will work with your lifestyle and budget. Avoid the deck mistakes below.

Ignoring Zoning Rules

Whatever your desire for your deck, you'll first need to investigate whether your mind's plans will run afoul of the local residential zoning ordinance. For example, if your home is in an area where decks cannot be put on the second-story and that's what you've planned, you could have a problem and be charged fines if you continue. Reading zoning rules now will help you make deck-related decisions that please both you and your municipal government. 

If you have a deck layout that you truly believe in and zoning doesn't allow it, you often do have the right to apply for a one-time variance. If granted, the variance will permit you to make the deck you want. You'll need to show various documents and apply; the decision is final.

Avoiding Permits

Even though the installer could possibly help with the different permits a deck could require, you are the property owner. As such, your town will fine you personally if you avoid any deck building permits. A short call or visit should give you all the information needed to begin applications. Ask about a timeline for approvals and talk those dates over with your installer.

Choosing Wood Without Setting Aside Money for Maintenance

Many property owners can't get over the look of wood. Surely, a wood deck can be beautiful and look natural as well. However, if you move forward with a wood deck without doing your homework or planning for maintenance, you might not be happy. The surface of wood can warp over the course of a few years; you'll need to regularly have a coating applied to protect the wood. Termites and similar pests can burrow into different parts of a wood deck; you may need money for an exterminator. Painted wood peels; you will need fresh paint every so often. All of these issues are fine if you expect them, but know what you're in for. An easier material to deal with could be vinyl. Vinyl is customizable and far easier to live with.

Preventing problems by avoidance of deck mistakes like these is essential to your overall satisfaction with the finished product. Work with a local deck installer who can explore options with you and ensure you're happy when the deck is up.


13 November 2019

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