How to Easily Keep Your Drains Unclogged and Avoid Plumbing Issues


If you do not want to end up with plumbing problems caused by clogged drains, you should take several preventative measures. These measures include being proactive at home when using different plumbing fixtures and using drain cleaning services provided by experts when necessary.

Collect Your Dead Hair Strands While Showering

When washing your hair, you might notice several strands fall out. Of course, this is a normal process that occurs. Humans lose hundreds of strands of hair per day. However, if all these strands are going down your drain, they can accumulate and cause a blockage. Avoid the blockage by carefully collecting the strands as you wash. While shampooing and rinsing, you may feel the strands in your hair. Place them off to the side if possible until you are done in the shower. Once you finish, you can grab the strands of hair and throw them out in the trash. It is a good habit that will keep your drains clear longer.

Use a Strainer in All Sinks and Tubs

Because some hair can still make its way down your drains, you should always use strainers in all sinks and tubs. Strainers cannot prevent everything from falling into the drains, but they can block out a majority of debris, including food chunks that fall from dirty dishes, such as plates, bowls, and spoons. Find strainers that fit the opening of the drain inside your tubs and kitchen sinks and always use them.

Regularly Use a Snake Tool Inside Your Drains

Check for potential blockages with a snake tool at least once a month. You can place the tool down the drain and twist it to try to bring up anything that might be down there, such as hair, pieces of tissue, and pieces of food. 

Have a Plumber Provide Deep Drain Cleanings

Keep your drains as clean as you can by hiring professionals to perform deep cleanings at least once every few months. The drain cleaning contractors will use highly-effective cleansers that will not damage your pipes. These cleansers are used with assorted tools that are powerful enough to get the job done. When you are relying on professionals for help with your drains, you can expect to avoid running into clog-related plumbing issues in the future.

Taking these preventative measures is important when you want to unclog your drains and avoid plumbing issues. By being proactive and using the professional drain cleaning services, you will keep your drains and plumbing fixtures in excellent condition.


28 April 2020

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