3 Things To Do Before Your New Vinyl Windows Are Installed


If you've picked an experienced vinyl window installation contractor, then they'll know how to get your old windows out and your new ones in quickly and efficiently. To make things easier for them, and to speed up the process even more, there a few things you can do before your windows arrive. What can you do?

1. Clear a Path to Each Window

Your installation crew will need to get up close to your windows to both remove the old ones and install the new ones. If they have to move things from around the windows to get clear access, then they waste time that they could be spending on the installation.

So, make sure that there is a clear path to each window inside your home. Move any items like couches or storage units that are close to the frame or that sit under the window.  Your installers will need space to work around the frame as well as directly in front of it. If your contractor will be accessing any windows from the outside of your home, then do the same job. Check they can get a ladder up to any windows they might work on and that their access isn't impeded by planters or outdoor furniture.

2. Take Down All Your Window Treatments

It's easy to forget that your windows currently have treatments on them like curtains, blinds, or shutters. These will all need to come down before your new windows go in. If you have any fixings on your current windows or frames, then remove these too. You may need them later.

Again, if you leave this job to the people putting in your new windows, then you'll waste their time. Even if you go around and take everything down when they arrive, you could hold them up for a while. Either of these options could increase the amount you are paying them.

3. Protect Precious Items

Professional window installation companies employ careful workers. They'll do their best not to cause any damage while they are on the job.

However, installing new windows can be a dusty and sometimes messy process. If you're removing older wood frames that are hard to get out, then there is a danger of flying woodchips. So, make sure to protect any fragile or valuable items in each room. Keep them as far away from the windows as you can and, if possible, cover them up to keep dust at bay.

To find out more about anything you can do to make this job easier and quicker, contact your local vinyl window installation contractors.


30 July 2020

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