Siding Installation Options To Give Your Exterior A New Custom Look


When you get ready to update the exterior of your home, you have different options for a custom finish. You may want to give your home a new custom look when you have new siding installed. You have options to change the design, add details, and improve the exterior of your home with new siding. The following siding installation options are some of the solutions you may want to consider to give your exterior a custom look.

Craftsman-Style Siding Designs

The first options you may want to consider for your home are artisan finishes. If you are installing new siding, these are often craftsman-style finishes. These are custom designs that feature various types of siding materials and custom woodwork. A craftsman-style finish may use lap siding, shakes, and board-and-batten style. In addition, these siding installations often include custom molding and trim on the exterior.

Rustic Siding Finishes

There are rustic siding options that you may also want to consider for your home. The first option to consider to give exterior finishes are rustic look is rough-hewn siding designs. These materials can be lap siding that has an unfinished (bark) edge. This can create natural curves and a rustic look for your home. Another option to consider for the rustic design is log siding veneers that can give areas of your home a log cabin look.

Contemporary Architectural Designs

You may also want to consider contemporary finishes for the design of your home's exterior. There are a lot of options to use the siding installation to give your home a more modern look. These include synthetic or fiber cement panels or modern composite lumber siding materials. You may want to discuss some of the different options to combine your siding installation with other contemporary design elements.

Synthetic Stucco and Other Siding Veneers

Stucco is another option to consider for your siding. Today, modern synthetic stucco materials are a type of siding veneer that can be installed on your home. There are other synthetic siding veneers that can be used for the exterior of your home. These materials can be used to create a unique modern look for contemporary designs. There are even siding veneers that are designed to look like brick or natural stone to give your home a masonry finish.

The siding upgrades for your home exterior can improve the design of your home. Contact a siding installation contractor to discuss these options to give your exterior a custom design.


10 May 2021

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