Reasons To Choose Hardwood Flooring For Your Hair Salon


A hair salon is just like any other customer-facing business — appearance is everything. The fixtures, fittings, and furniture in any hair salon must be chosen carefully to create an inviting, comfortable environment for both customers and employees.

Taking these steps is particularly important when it comes to choosing suitable flooring, and hardwood flooring is one of the best choices for any hair salon. Here are four good reasons to choose hardwood flooring for your hair salon:


Hardwood flooring has always been prized for its natural beauty. Though more expensive than the vinyl or linoleum floors found in many hair salons, hardwood flooring has a more luxurious appearance and may help your salon attract higher-paying customers.

Hardwood flooring is also available in a wide variety of grains, shades, and colors, so you can tailor the look of your flooring to match the rest of your salon's décor. If your salon has a traditional design that evokes barbershops of years gone by, opt for darker walnut or red oak flooring. Pale maple or white ash flooring is ideal for modern salons with open plan layouts and contemporary décor.

Hard Wearing

Heavy foot traffic and hundreds of customers a week is good for your profits, but not always for your flooring. The flooring around your salon chairs will be especially vulnerable to wear, as your employees move back and forth while they work.

Hardwood flooring has superior durability and will be able to withstand heavy foot traffic on a daily basis without sagging, cracking, or peeling. If your flooring does start to wear and becomes uneven after years of use, it can be sanded, leveled, and resealed by a hardwood refinishing service, leaving your flooring as good as new in a matter of hours.

Easy To Sweep And Clean

A high-quality, well-installed hardwood floor is almost perfectly smooth, with no gaps between boards or around knots in the grain. Sweeping up hair clippings and keeping your salon tidy will be easy. Dirt and stains can be removed with a damp mop or cloth and a little dish soap, and a little floor polish every now and then will keep your hardwood flooring attractive for years to come.

Added Property Value

Many people install hardwood flooring in their homes because it raises the property's resale value, and the same goes for commercial properties like hair salons. Choosing hardwood flooring over cheaper alternatives can be a very sound investment if you decide to sell your salon in the future. To learn more, contact a company like Tile Outlet, Etc.


16 August 2021

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