Deciding When To Paint The Exterior Of Your Business


After you decide to paint the exterior of your business, the decision-making process does not stop. You need to settle on plenty of other measures, including when you will have the building painted. While the professional painting company you partner with can help you decide when to paint, there are some factors you should also keep in mind when making your decisions.

Local Climate 

Sadly, no crystal ball affords you a preview of the weather for every day. Yet, the location of your business can provide some level of detail about weather trends. The ideal time to paint an exterior surface is when the weather is calm. In addition to dry conditions, the temperatures should not be too hot or too cold. 

Both weather extremes can prevent the paint from curing properly. For many locations, the period around the transition from winter to spring and the fall season are ideal. A professional painter will be able to offer more insight on which time of the year is most conducive for painting in your area. 

Business Trends

In a perfect world, you could put up a bold sign informing people not to touch the exterior of the building, but unfortunately, this step is not usually enough. The best way to protect your freshly painted surface is to schedule the job for a period when your business generally hits a slower point. 

Consider a pool company, for instance. A Spring or Summer paint schedule would come when traffic is high, whereas a Fall paint would come with less traffic and less risk for damage. If your business is busy year-round, you may want to schedule the paint around a period when the company is closed. 

Approval Processes

Where your commercial building is located should also play a role in the scheduling process. If a building is in a specially designated zone, such as a historic district or a strip mall setting, it is not uncommon for all exterior changes to require approval.

If your building is in an area with this requirement, do not schedule the paint until you have allowed for plenty of time to gain approval, as you do not want to begin this process without the go-ahead first. Contact the approval board to see how long the process typically takes so that you can determine when to schedule the painters. 

Be sure to keep all these factors in mind as you decide when to have your exterior painted for a more efficient and stress-less process. 

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27 May 2022

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