Plumbing Problems Common With Commercial Buildings


Plumbing systems are typically situated in discrete spaces and rarely cross anyone's mind. But, this does not mean that you should forget about your plumbing system, as it is essential in keeping things running smoothly in the business. 

If a malfunction were to occur, you would have a lot of costly damage, e.g., mold growth problems and faulty drains. Thus, it is important to learn the most common plumbing problems in commercial buildings and get in touch with a commercial plumber whenever there's an issue. Below are signs of a damaged plumbing system:

Pipe Ruptures

Your plumbing pipes may burst due to corrosion, increased water pressure, or digging. Accordingly, taking prompt action is paramount as the ruptures could ruin your building within a short time. Similarly, there is a risk of mold and rotting issues if the problem isn't expertly resolved. Fortunately, once you call your plumber, they conduct a thorough inspection to determine the cause of the problem and address it effectively to prevent a reoccurrence. For example, if the rupture was due to high water pressure, the commercial plumber will likely adjust the pressure downwards as part of the solution.

Leaking Faucets

It may not create too much of a fuss if only one faucet is leaking, but the longer you ignore this seemingly minor problem, the more water goes to waste. This can affect your bottom line as you receive increasingly higher water bills. Therefore, in addition to calling your plumber as soon as you notice a leak, it is advisable to invest in high-quality faucets that minimize water wastage. To this end, your plumber can guide you on options most suited to commercial buildings.

Unpleasant Smells from the Sewage

Aside from leaking faucets and pipe ruptures, there is also the issue of the sewage system producing foul smells. Unlike a leaking faucet, which may not be very evident or disruptive, smelly sewage can push customers away and lower staff productivity at work. Generally, foul-smelling sewerage may be caused by clogged pipes that eventually cause a backup. Therefore, to avoid the disruption of a leaking sewage system, have a commercial plumber take care of the situation at the slightest hint of clogging.

There are numerous plumbing problems common with commercial buildings that you may not notice in time, except through regular inspections of the plumbing systems. For this reason, engage a qualified commercial plumber for maintenance, care, and repairs.

Contact a commercial plumbing service for more information. 


29 July 2022

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