Backyard Wedding? 5 Times To Consider Installing New Concrete


Are you planning a backyard wedding? Whether you want to save money, make planning easier, or create a more intimate set of nuptials, backyard weddings are a great alternative for many. But as you prepare your yard for its big day, should you add new concrete? The answer may be yes, especially if you find yourself in any of these situations. 

1. Your Concrete Is Ugly

No one wants their beautiful backyard wedding marred by unattractive yard features. Take an honest look at your concrete flatwork — driveway, patio, walkways, and sidewalks — to assess their condition and age. Is it stained? Chipped? Aging differently in different areas? You can cover up some imperfections with things like strategic mats or rugs, but you don't want to do that for everything. 

2. Your Concrete Is Damaged

Damaged concrete is not only unsightly for a wedding, but it may also be dangerous for your guests and vendors. Check for broken corners, extensive aggregate showing through, damaged or lifted sections due to root damage, or large cracks. Guests can trip and fall, especially in low accent lighting. The best fix for these problems is a permanent one. 

3. You've Thought About Adding Concrete

Don't completely need new concrete for the nuptials? This might still provide a great excuse to add some you've been thinking about installing anyway. 

4. You Need to Direct Guests

The best way to move guests around your temporary wedding venue is by making clear, safe, and easy-to-use pathways. Evaluate how easy it is to understand where to park, where to walk, and how to get from one area of the yard to another with your current setup. Could you make things easier and more self-sufficient with a few new strategic concrete walkways?

5. Your Yard Could Be Unsafe

When you invite friends and family to your property for a big party, you take on added responsibility for their safety. But soft landscaping is generally not designed to support milling guests, dancing, nighttime activities, and high-heeled shoes. Add in low lighting and alcohol consumption, and your yard could be a risk to everyone. Reduce that threat by adding stable, supportive, flat concrete instead of grass, mulch, or other softscape. 

Where to Start

Could your concrete flatwork use any improvements before the big day? Need help deciding what to replace, change, or keep? Start by meeting with a concrete flatwork company, such as JMS Landscaping & Construction LLC, in your area today. With their expertise and your vision, you'll soon have a backyard worthy of your upcoming nuptials. 


29 August 2022

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